Applications for the 2020 FAW are now CLOSED.

The following information is for reference only.
Houses that wish to participate in the FAW should read the following carefully, and then complete the online FAW House Application form.

Special Considerations for 2020

We recognize that the COVID-19 Pandemic makes it difficult and worrisome to plan for the fall. We share your concern, and will not compromise on the safety of our artists and our community. At the same time, we need to move forward with planning, and investing in things like brochures and the web site.

This is our commitment to you, the artists.

  • We will minimize expenditures through to the last week of August. At that time, if it is clear that the Art Walk should be cancelled, we will do so, and refund all of your registration fee.
  • Also in the last week of August, if you need to withdraw from the Walk due to a significant health concern, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee.
  • Near the end of August we need to order our brochures, which represent our biggest expense. After that we will not be in a financial position to give full refunds.
  • Nevertheless, after we have ordered our brochures in late August:
    • If there are new isolation guidelines from Public Health (such as limiting social gatherings, or requiring 2 meters of social distancing), or schools and businesses are being closed in a time frame that affects the Walk, we will cancel the FAW. We will err on the side of safety for us and the community, even if that means a last minute cancellation. We will dip into our remaining reserve funds, and refund half of the registration fees to everyone.
    • If COVID-19 comes to your house within 30 days of the Art Walk, then you must withdraw. Even if you make this determination a day or two before, we will refund half of your registration fee.
    • If you feel that being open poses a risk for your home and family, then you should withdraw. Even if you make this determination a day or two before, we will refund half of your registration fee.
    • No artist may participate in the FAW if they have had, or been exposed to, COVID-19 in the last 30 days.
    • The earlier that you determine that your house must withdraw, the better we can get the word out.

We fervently hope that COVID is no longer a factor by November, but no one can predict. However, with these measures in place against COVID-19, the possible loss of your registration fee for FAW 2020 is at most $75.

Please study the following so that you have all information necessary to complete the form on hand. Contact the Art Walk Coordinator or Registrar if you have any questions.

Requirements & Qualifications

Your house's responsibilities include:

  • Paying fees and submitting information and photographs on time
  • Performing a volunteer job
  • Participating in both an online registration process and a wrap-up meeting
  • Proofing your Art Walk materials for accuracy
  • Helping promote the Art Walk
Please read the Terms and Conditions for participation in the Frederick Art Walk. You will need to indicate acceptance of these terms as part of your application.

Application Process

Collect all the information you need for the online application form prior to beginning - see below.
  • You may register up to 5 artists at your location
  • Contact your artists to get their information & photos well before the deadline
  • Fill out the online application form and provide photos by April 30; contact the Registrar if you need help
  • If accepted to the FAW you will receive instructions on completing the online registration process
  • Your house will be assigned an Art Walk job and receive a job description
  • At the registration meeting - this year it is an online process - the fee of $150 is due, either cash or cheque (this fee covers Art Walk expenses)
  • Complete your assigned task(s) which will occur before, during, or after the Art Walk
  • Have a lot of fun and success at the Frederick Art Walk!
  • Attend the wrap-up meeting and possibly receive a portion of the fee back if your house met all of its obligations and finances permit

Required Application Information

1. Venue Main Contact Information (person who handles all communications):

  • Contact Name (typically home owner), the house's (Art Walk venue's) street address, contact's email and telephone #
  • Preferred volunteer positions (choice of 3 - we will do our best to assign one of these)

2. Artist Information (for each artist participating at the venue):

  • Name of artist (as it should appear). Personal name preferred, business name acceptable.
  • Artist's Website, email address, and other social media addresses (if applicable)
  • The Medium/Art Type in one (1) word, for the brochure (eg. "Jewelry")
  • The Art Type in six (6) words or less, for the website short description (eg. "Silver and gemstone bracelets")
  • The Art Description in fifty (50) words or less, for the website long description
  • Up to five (5) photos for each artist.
    • We require at least one photo of each medium or art type in which work will be for sale
    • Photos must be named like these examples:
      First photo for artist with initials lc, who will be showing at 111 Chestnut St : 111Chestnut_lc1.jpg
      Second photo for artist hs, at 230 Lydia St : 230Lydia_hs2.jpg.
    • If artist registered using only a business name, use the initials of the business:
      Fourth photo for Peter's Paintings at 12 Krug St.: 12Krug_pp4.jpg
    • Photos must be JPEG or PNG, of suitable quality for publication (minimum 250 pixels tall)
    • The first photo for each artist must be square, and will be used as the main photo
    • You should provide new and recent photos to keep your advertisement current
    • At least one of your photos should be a close-up. In general close-up photos are more effective.
    • If photos are not received or are in the wrong format they cannot be published
    • If a photo is not useable you may be asked to submit a different one.
    • Submission of any and all photos implies permission to use them for Art Walk marketing purposes.

3. General questions to help us with the event, such as:

  1. Do you have any media contacts to help us promote and advertise the walk?
  2. Do you have any specific technical skills to help us setup and/or execute all tasks required for a successful walk?
  3. Can you provide a photo of your setup from last year, to help us with marketing? Please be sure to take photos of your setup this year.

The following information is for reference only.
You will need a valid Google account, such as a gmail address, to access the "Google Docs" Application form. If you do not have one you may temporarily use one of ours, To get the password, contact the Registrar. Then use the address and password to log in to Google.
When you are ready to Apply for the Art Walk, please click the red button to access the Application form. (Form is best viewed on a larger display device.)
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