Registration for the 2017 FAW is now closed! The information below is for reference only. Thank you to those who registered.

Please gather the information described below before beginning. Thank you.

The Art Walk registration form is online! Please read the following carefully so that you have all information necessary to complete the form. Contact the Art Walk Coordinator or Registrar if you have any questions.

Requirements & Qualifications

Please ensure that your venue and artists all comply with the following:

  • The venue must be within the area bounded by Victoria, Krug, Lancaster and East (outlined with green dots in the map)  and within walking distance of the other venues.  This is approximately the boundary of the Central Frederick Neighbourhood. If you do not have a venue within this area, then you are not eligible.
  • All forms of art and craft are welcome, but all art work must be your own, original and handcrafted/created by the artist. All rights to the work must be owned by the artist. Adjunct items (such as decorative props) must clearly be an addition to the original art work.
  • All venues must participate in the preparation and/or clean up of the Art Walk (putting up signs, distributing pamphlets, etc). Jobs will be assigned when you register.
  • Attendance is required at 2 meetings; one in May and one after the Art Walk in November. If your house is unable to fully participate in the work or the meetings, then this co-operative tour is not for you. 
  • Individual artists are responsible for collecting and remitting their own harmonized sales tax, and acquiring any permits that may be necessary. See for more information.
Please note. The FAW Committee will usually only communicate with the venue's main contact, not individual artists. It is the responsibility of the main contact to relay information to the artists, represent the artists, and collect their information.

Registration Process

Collect all the information you need for the online registration form prior to filling it out - see below.
  • Contact your artists to get their information & photos well before the deadline
  • Fill out the online application form and provide photos by April 30; contact the Registrar if you need help
  • If accepted to the Walk you will receive an invitation to attend the registration meeting(s)
  • Your house will be assigned an Art Walk job and receive a job description
  • At the registration meeting the fee of $150 is due (this fee covers just Art Walk expenses)
  • Complete your assigned task(s) which will occur before, during, or after the Art Walk
  • Have a lot of fun and success at the Frederick Art Walk!
  • Attend the wrap-up meeting and receive a portion of the fee back if your house met all of its obligations

Required Registration Information

1. Venue Main Contact Information (person who handles all communications):

  • The house's (Art Walk venue) Street Address
  • Contact Name (typically home owner)
  • Email and telephone # of the main contact
  • Preferred volunteer position (choice of 3 - we will do our best to assign one of these)

2. Artist Information (for each artist participating at the venue):

  • Name of artist (as it should appear)
  • Artist's Website (if applicable)
  • The Art / Craft Medium in one (1) word, for the brochure (eg. "Jewellery")
  • The Art / Craft in six (6) words or less, for the website short description (eg. "Silver and gemstone bracelets")
  • The Art / Craft Description in fifty (50) words or less, for the website long description
  • Up to two (2) photos for each artist (emailed separately from the online form)
    • Photos must be named like these examples:
      111Chestnut_lc1.jpg : First photo for artist lc, who will be showing at 111 Chestnut St.
      230Frederick_hs2.jpg : Second photo for artist hs, who will be showing at 230 Frederick St.
    • Photos must be JPEG or PNG, of suitable quality for publication (300dpi. Most digital cameras will provide this.)
    • If photos are not received or are in the wrong format they cannot be published
    • You should provide new and recent photos to keep your advertisement current
    • At least one of your photos should be a close-up. In general close-up photos are more effective.
    • If a photo is not useable you may be asked to submit a different one. This site offers some advice.
    • Follow the link above to email pictures to the Registrar

3. General questions to help us with the event:

  1. Do you or any artist in your house have any media contacts to help us promote and advertise the walk? What are they?
  2. Do you or any artist in your house have any specific technical skills to help us setup and/or execute all tasks required for a successful walk? What are these skills?
  3. Do you have room at your venue to host any additional, "homeless" artists (i.e. people who would like to participate as artists but who do not have a host house)? If yes, how many?

MAY 1, 2017: REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! This page is for reference only.
When you are ready to Register for the Art Walk, please click this button, to access the "Google Docs" registration form.
Once you have submitted the form you cannot recall it for further editing; please email our registrar if you need to make changes after submission.